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tv   [untitled]    August 12, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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franciscans. the obama administration is following the law in a neutral manner. if you prefer an open borders policy, please work to elect federal officials who share that goal, and do that on your own time. thank you. >> walter. i hope you have a great break. made the world be yours. ♪ oh city mandy you came and you gave without taking but you are on break today and i thank you
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vacation, and got to get away vacation -- you are on a break today starting a vacation break today and you're going to go away and you're on break, and i thank you for all your work and the city you tried and tried and you're gonna make it on a break today and i thank you so much today and we're really going to make it the morning you wake up when you go on your break and a breakup i'll say little prayer for you forever, forever you'll stay on my hard -- in my heart
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and i will love you will never will part forever to keep this city together it's not so easy thanks again ♪ supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker. >> a good afternoon. i would like to speak very briefly on two issues. my name is emil lawrence. as of today, i believe the mta has voted to put 100 more taxis on the street. i suggest you ask them to hold off on any decisions until the new mta director is on board, august 15. they seem to want to rush this item. there has been no economic
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impact report done by the mta on taxi driver income. unlike most of you here, taxi drivers in the city and county of san francisco do not get unemployment insurance, pensions, medical, dental, days off with pay. they get zero. for them to put another 150 calves on the street without determining how much more or less money these drivers will make is unconscionable. secondly, i would like to bring up the fact that if the jet overall salaries at the mta -- if we look at overall salaries at the mta, they are approving for the new director $241,000. the previous director got $300,000 coming from $180,000 in atlanta. the guy had no mathematical or academic degree from any university in the united states,
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and they pay him that. i think the new director does have credentials. i think he could have been picked several years ago for the job. based on what i have read about him, i support him. but the salary you are handing out and have approved is totally out of line with the economic demise the city has had. i think the day and age of $300,000 salaries are over. president chiu: next speaker. >> my name is tracy paris. i am with the san francisco community land trust. i am joined by two board members of the columbus united collaborative, located in china. -- in chinatown. we are here to support item 64 to approve the subdivision of the parcel in creation of a limited equity housing cooperative at that location, so
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the 21 households can become cooperative homeowners by purchasing the residence. to give you a little background, this is a great historic moment for us in san francisco. this is the first time in limited housing equity cooperative has been used to prevent a displacement of low- income households in any city in our country. back in 1998, the residents were faced with eviction. they started working with community partners and asked the land trust to help them. by partnering with the land trust, the cooperative will not only be affordable for the residents who live there today, but will remain as a community asset forfeiture households in perpetuity. we are excited and want to thank you in advance for your support today. i would like to introduce two of your board members.
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>> my name is michael tim. i live in the columbus co-op. we thank you for supporting our co-op. thank you. >> [speaking a foreign language] thank you. >> i'm sorry. i cannot translate that. president chiu: thank you.
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next speaker. >> mr. president, supervisors, i come before you today to respectfully request your support for a resolution introduced last week by supervisor farrell commending the chapter of returning veterans of america. for the past several months, i and my fellow civilian colleagues have been working to help the population that is often overlooked in the city of ours. in the post 9/11 era, thousands of young veterans have decided to make san francisco their place of residence. i believe san francisco should do everything within its capability to ensure these veterans make this great city not just their place of residence, but their home. more than one in five male veterans between 18 and 24 is unemployed.
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further, a growing population face homelessness. the city cannot let these trends continue. that strong has been working to connect -- vet strong has been working to connect them with jobs and housing. i want to thank the supervisor and his co-sponsors for acknowledging the positive work of veterans and civilians who have worked to strengthen and empower the community. thank you. i respectfully request the board picked unanimous support of this resolution. they were there for us. let's be there for them. >> supervisors. 23 years ago on august 24, the
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moment of bad luck put me in a wheelchair. bad luck happens. kicking up places to live after i was in therapy, we came to the south beach marina apartments. i asked my parents if the noise from the freeway bothered them. they were in their 60's and said what noise. i closed the dining room doors and it was ok. i have been there 22.5 years. i would like to stay longer, but who knows. six years ago, my rent went up 8%. the following year, 10%. the following year, 10%. this year, almost 9%. i do not know how much time i have. the first part of those years of being in a wheelchair, people would say the cup is half full and half empty.
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the decided in a little bit of time when people would ask me that -- take your favorite coffee mug and throw it against a wall and glue it and take it back together again, and drink out of that cut for a week. then tell me if your cup is half full or half empty. it is not a question of half full and half empty. if it holds a precious few drops, it is worth it. one of those precious few drops -- i believe the city response position right now is inadequate. this is a good moment. it will not cost the city. it can enhance the question of quietness. it can enhance quietness in the city. i hope you guys enjoy your vacation. i will come back and talk to you. president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker.
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>> i hope i have your attention, but this is really important. you know that your mayor passed a resolution with the u.s. congress of mayors calling for the troops to come home, the money to come home. please do not let this be a political issue. this is about revenue generation for your city. i would like to see the board of supervisors put teeth into this resolution and make it your own. it talked about the severity of the ongoing budget crisis and shortfalls that require us to reexamine actual -- national spending priorities. the people are paying $126 billion per year to wage war. what i tried to show you last
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week -- i was here with a picture of the constitution being shredded. that has happened. you swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution. you could use your power right now. what did pelosi just do? she did not do a very good job of holding the ground to say we do not need another credit card for and constitutional reform. we do not need to raise the debt. i spoke to the california public utilities commission about my concerns about smart meters. i suggested that because of the criminal practices of pg&e, from contamination in hinckleyville to what has happened in san bruno. it is time to let regional municipal government become a public utility. think about that and other revenue generation. some brave congressmembers have
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put forth a lawsuit against obama and gates, a complaint for conjunctive debt relief. please join us in a class action lawsuit. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> ray hart, director of san francisco open government. i am talking not only to the board but to the folks watching on sfgtv. for the first time in a long time, i have watched all the members of the board of supervisors remain in the chamber for public comment. good job. a month ago, i came in and said we owed an apology to the members of the sunset task force for the disparaging reports --
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disparaging attempts to keep the government open. the person who really needs to apologize is the board of supervisors. since you were the ones who would appoint them to the body and limit funding, who do not give them the support they need to do what they do, and who have ignored every single case they have ordered to you every -- order to you over the years, you will owe them an apology. what an obnoxious thing to do, to put people in a position of public trust and bend over backwards to do nothing to support them in the effort of enforcing the law, which you put them there to look over. not one time have you lifted a finger to assure the citizens of this city have the right to public comment and the right to access public records. any single time someone has
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brought it to the ethics commission, it has been disparaged and discarded. know your rights under sunshine? ha, ha, ha. sunshine has come up with your approval, but come a long form application to make public comment or to receive public records. it is a disgrace that you allow that to happen. president chiu: thank you. are there other members of the public who wish to speak? seeing none, general public comment is closed. now we go back to our 4:00 p.m. special order. if we could bring up both of the parties, i want to complement the parties. i know you have been negotiating days and into the evenings. it has been up until today's hearing. i understand you have something you would like to ask for, which is a continuance at this time.
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>> yes. members of the board of supervisors, with the considerable influence -- >> please begin to the microphone. -- speak into the microphone. >> with the considerable urging and assistance of president chiu, we have decided we are willing to consent to a continuance. that has been agreed to by the appellant as well. opposing counsel i believe will confirm that. that continuance will be to your ticket -- to your september 6 board of supervisors hearing. the appellant will not seek any further continuance. it will be up or down september 6, unless the appeal is withdrawn. >> thank you, members of the board. on behalf of the appellant, he has correctly stated our
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agreement. thank you. president chiu: i appreciate the parties are close. i understand there are third parties involved and i hope they understand the importance of resolving this. >> we will use all the influence we have. madam clerk, if i could, i did have a presentation i was coined to include in my delivery. i will ask we included in the package for the september 6 hearing. >> the clerk will take that from you. president chiu: that would be acceptable. both parties have agreed. can we have a motion? motion by supervisor mirkarimi, seconded by supervisor chu. these three items will be continued to september 6 at 2:30, without objection. thank you. if we could now move to our adoption calendar. >> items 54 through 67 are being considered for immediate and
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unanimous adoption without committee reference. if a member requests discussion, it will be called separately and the matter considered. supervisor elsbernd: 54. supervisor mirkarimi: 62 and 64, please. supervisor farrell: 61. president chiu: if we could take a roll-call vote on all of the other items except for 54, 61, 62, and 64. supervisor mirkarimi: aye. supervisor weiner: aye. supervisor avalos: aye. supervisor campos: aye. president chiu: aye. supervisor chu: aye. supervisor cohen: aye. supervisor elsbernd: aye. supervisor farrell: aye. supervisor kim: aye.
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supervisor mar: aye. >> there are 11 ayes. president chiu: these resolutions are adopted. >> item 54 authorizes preparation of written proponent and opponent ballot arguments and rebuttals ballot arguments for submittal to the voters at the november 8 consolidated general municipal election. president chiu: we need to pass for a moment on this item. why don't we move to item 61? >> item 61 commands -- commends vet strong and our veterans' club in their work to strengthen a community amongst post-9/11 veterans, resource providers, and residents of the city. supervisor farrell: just a quick note, as a cut in public comment. i want to thank all my co-
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sponsors on this measure and specifically the organizations we are seeking to honor with this resolution protecting and enhancing the lives of post-9/11 veterans. vetstrong streamlines veteran access, the san francisco chapter of returning veterans of america fosters lasting communities throughout our city, the city college of san francisco veterans alliance strengthens benefits including housing, travel, and entertainment, at no cost to our veterans, and the veterans' club at san francisco state university is a student organization for veterans and families to talk to each other and educate the campus community. our veterans play a huge role in our defense and our communities. i urge your support. thank you. president chiu: any further discussion? same house, called -- same call.
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if we could move to item 62. >> a resolution urging the suspension or termination of agreements with the immigration and customs enforcement on the police/i.c.e. collaboration program known as secure communities. supervisor mirkarimi: i realize the san francisco democratic community has a resolution similar to this, urging support for the bill. i do not want to get lost in the drama or hype of what this is about. what this is about is not not cooperating with immigration authorities or secure communities. it is about due process, and due process where there is the one established now. i think it is consistent with san franciscan interests and
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desires. it is important we address some of the recklessness of what secure communities has caused. we know based on statistics that have been kept, which is what a number of state governors throughout the country are pushing forward on similar legislation. 70% of individuals supported under secure communities have no criminal record or have been found to have committed low- level crimes, including domestic byron's -- violence survivors whose only contact with the police happened because the call for help. we need a better response. this resolution helps bring attention to what is being considered on the state level. supervisor campos: i do not want to repeat what supervisor
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mercury said, but i do want to note that the criticism of the so-called secure communities is something that is not coming from all parts of the country, from a number of leaders. i think that mainstream there is a lot of reason for concern. we certainly have the governor of the state of new york. we have other governors. we have the minority leader, our own congressperson, nancy pelosi, who has identified concerns with this initiative. it is important to join that chorus so there is a different take. good intentions, perhaps, but this is having unintended consequences. supervisor chu: figure. from my point of view, i understand there are a lot of unintended consequences with this that i think many of us would not want to see continued. my concern has always been what
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does it mean for the prospect of sharing information across states. i would like to request a continuance so i have time to understand that better. president chiu: is there a second to that? seconded by supervisor campos. a continuance to the sixth of september. any objections? without objection, this item will be continued as such. if we could now move to item 60 -- we still have to do item 64, and 54. why don't we move to item 64? >> approving the final map located on columbus avenue. president chiu: i am not sure who had asked to sever this item, but i would like to be added as a sponsor to it. it came out of work i had done with constituents in my district.
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calis, same house, called -- colleagues, same house, same call? this motion is approved. item 54 has already been called. supervisor elsbernd: colleagues, the clerk of the board distributed an amendment for this item before the board meeting started. it is on your desk. the amendment eliminates from the motion the various ballot measures that are no longer on the ballot. on top of that, i would like to add one more amendment. on page 4 of the motion, the opposition to supervisor weiner's charter amendment -- if we could strike that from the ballot, that would be my motion. president chiu: supervisor elsbernd has proposed his amendment as he has described it. he has amended his motion to
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eliminate lines 23 through 25 on page four, seconded by supervisor supervisor campos:amp -- by supervisor campos. that passes as amended. same house, same call? passed as amended. madam clerk, could you read the in memorials for today? i am sorry. we passed it already. >> yes, mr. president. today's memory -- meeting will be adjourned for the late mr. darwin vandies. president chiu: it is clear a recess is upon us. i wish everyone a wonderful summer recess and remind members of the public we will not be back in this chamber until
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october 14, so that construction to make this room more accessible for our disabled community can happen. will be meeting september 6 on the fourth floor of this building in room 416. with that, i hope you have a wonderful break. is there more business in front of the board today? >> that concludes our business. president chiu: we are adjourned for today.
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